Give Child Marriage The Finger

For the record, I'm a keen supporter of charity Plan UK, a donation is made too their 'Because I'm a girl campaign' for every one of my dresses sold (more on that at a later date) so when they asked me to help promote their latest campaign, I was honoured, especially given the nature of the campaign....child marriage.  

Here I am creating dresses for women ecstatic to be getting married to whom they please having found their soul mate, trying to imagine a child being forced into marriage, and this affects 15 million girls globally every year;  Child brides are forced to drop out of school, have children before they are ready and are often subjected to violence and abuse.  

Tanya Barron, CEO of Plan UK, explains: “We at Plan UK feel so strongly about ending child marriage that we’re asking everyone to give it the finger.

“The more people know about the lifelong harm child marriage does, the less likely it will happen. Through collective action, will we be able to end child marriage and empower girls to fulfil their own potential.

“Our work has shown time and time again that the first step to successfully ending child marriage and other forms of violence against girls is education, and to break the silence on these issues.”

She adds: “We’re delighted Eliza Doolittle is standing up for girls’ rights and giving child marriage the finger.

“Anyone can give child marriage the finger to get more people, politicians and parents whose daughters are at risk thinking about what it means to be subjected to this human rights violation.”

Text ‘RING’ to 80010 to donate £5 and get your ring. For more information about Plan’s work to end child marriage or to make an online donation, visit

Do take a little time to read about their 'give child marriage the finger' campaign on their website, make a pledge online and wear the ring they send you to spread word.

Eliza Doolittle gives child marriage the finger

Singer Eliza Doolittle is backing a new drive to end child marriage, launched by global children’s charity Plan UK.  She was the first to ‘give child marriage the finger’ wearing one of the charity’s new custom-made campaign rings.