Brides the Show November 2014- What it my head....

My feet are just about touching the ground after what was an amazing Brides the show.  

This particular show was very important to me, I had many a sleepless night thinking about it, sadly I am am one of those people that worries lots and is a bit of a perfectionist so the run up to the show meant I was functioning on 4-5 hours sleep tops and must have been incredibly annoying for my husband Adam who had to listen about Octanorm stands and the virtues of using velcro or sticky pads when decorating it. 


Why this stress? Well, I've worked so hard on this collection, it's part of me now and to date only Primrose and Rebecca have really been seen until the website launch.   This show was now judgement time on my newer designs, not only brides2be's attend this show, its a magnet for bloggers, magazine editors, bridal boutiques and other wedding industry peeps just seeing what's occurring.  Throw in the fact that I was also not feeling incredibly glamorous after a 5.5 hour drive from Mid-Wales in a van.  Contrary to beliefs I did not have a swat team of people who sweep in and deck my stand, Vicky Rowe (and a good Friend/Artist   Nicky Arscott from my village) hung the wallpaper, lugged all the bags and mannequins up the stairs and together shared amazement at what an incredible invention velcro was and what it can do.  

Add to this I'm not very glamorous at all, I'm one of these people that thinks if its a really special event (like a wedding...or award ceremony) dress up to the hilt but anything in between is not really worth the effort, all or nothing for me. Did I forget to mention that I'm a complete hermit and feel overwhelmed by large crowds?  get the picture. At this point I'd like to thank Mandy at Dottie Photography who was also exhibiting at the show for making me laugh and not turn into a wobbling mess and supported me through all my insecurities.  I fell in love with Mandy's photography many years ago (I have a bit of passion for photography as well), do check her site out its just so incredibly creative and the photography blows me away every time, I love her work, she also makes me laugh so much!!! 

Back to the actual show and less of my idiosyncratic behaviour, three of my dresses were chosen to grace the catwalk show, they were Evelyn, Greta and Rose. My stand was next to the catwalk which was an amazing location and each time the show started, my stand would go quiet and I'd watch and try and gauge peoples responses when my dresses came on half way through.  I'm relieved to say that the response afterwards was overwhelming with a deluge of brides visiting throughout the show, on the Sunday my stand was 8 deep and I felt terrible I couldn't speak to everyone individually.  Below is the video of the catwalk showing my dresses.



I'd like to thank all the brides that supported me and said hi at the show, the brides that tried on dresses and cried! (happily) making me cry (happily),  The wedding Sisters from Poland who bounded over and made me laugh so hysterically during their interview I couldn't stop grinning for the rest of the day!  

Launching my debut collection has been a huge journey, I put my heart and soul into my designs and that leaves a huge feeling of vulnerability but the weekend show showed me that people got it, and for that I am so grateful.