Behind the scenes video from the Vicky Rowe Debut Collection Photo Shoot

At the beginning of April this year, I had the pleasure of working with a very talented team to compile the look book and imagery for my debut collection.  This was a culmination of a lot of hard work on my dress collection and the styling for the shoot itself.  This collection has a strong Art Deco and 1930's feel so it felt only fitting to use a location with that heritage for a backdrop.



 I'd like to thank the following people for working so hard on this photo shoot but also making it so much fun:-

Ria Mishaal photographed the collection.  I met Ria in 2010 when I did a fashion show in Bristol with some of my 1920's millinery designs.  I love her relaxed but extremely professional approach to photography.  Her innate creativity and use of natural light produces gorgeous striking images,  the results from this shoot speak for themselves.  She is an outstanding photographer and her wedding photography is some of the best I have seen, if you haven't already done, you should really check her out.

Michelle Sisson did a fantastic job on both hair and make up.  I'd been so impressed with her portfolio that I simply had to work with her on my debut shoot. I wanted a fresh look in respect of the make up, a nod to the 1920's with the eye make up and natural lips, I didn't want literal 1920's make up.  For the hair, I wanted very soft waves.  The overall look came across as effortless and natural, just what I was after.

Western Aspect did the videography.  I've known David Harper since my university days, his exceptional eye for detail and professionalism I've always admired.  He did my own wedding video which I cherish.  Given that we had an incredible amount of images to shoot that day he stealthily moved around us and captured some gorgeous images, this video has been edited down but I will release the full version shortly.

And of course, The Midland Hotel who were so accommodating.  The venue is just an Art Deco dream steeped in history, a fabulous wedding location oozing sophistication.  I can't recommend it enough.