Bohemian Ethereal, Vintage inspired Wedding Shoot in New England | Vicky Rowe Blog

Back in the Autumn last year, I had the pleasure of working on this fun boho bridal shoot whilst on a trip out to NY.  Believe it or not the venue was a pumpkin field in New England, the flowers were salvaged from the bins from the Piers on New York Bridal Fashion Week (High fives Heather from Heart of Gold designs for that champion effort), sadly all the pumpkins were gone from the field and being carved as it was only a week away till Halloween but we did use the pumpkin packing room as a dressing room....which was fun and a little surreal.  
The inspiration for this shoot all came from the headpieces, I first saw Heathers elaborate and intricate work on instagram and after weeks of obsessing over them got in touch and asked if she'd like to do a shoot when I was visiting NY the following month.  She uses antique glass pieces in much of her work and their whimsical almost fairy like look are one of the many things which turned this shoot into something quite magical.  
Heathers' bohemian headdresses turned the vintage look of my gowns into bohemian wedding in an instant.  The fun we had picking which headdresses to use, it wasn't easy I can tell you as they were all so beautiful.
Now imagine a group of women, the sun setting and the most beautiful model (Jess Kamzik) dancing across a pumpkin field, swirling in a polytunnel (yes a poly! this is not your average shoot ha!)...if only you could have heard our giggles and oohs as the light shimmered off the dresses.  The under slip of her dress was removed, it was Jess's decision we promise and we went with it (and I'm so glad we did) as suddenly she was a naughty fairy running amok with us chasing her trying to avoid any farmhands who suddenly were working long past when they were meant to go home....funny that...
I'd like to thank all the wonderful ladies involved in this shoot.  They worked their butts off and were such a joy to spend a day with, I had been working hard in New York and then I was swept off with these ladies and just had such an amazing time. I sincerely hope to do it again sometime soon.
Photographer - L'Amour Fou 
Headpieces - Heart of Gold Designs
Hair & Make Up - Upstyle
Styling - Loveandlightbulbs
Model - Jess Kamzik 
Dresses - Vicky Rowe
Vicky x